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The selection of the jury was published in "The Contemporary Harpsichordist" Vol. I & Vol. II by Bellman Musik in Halle, Germany.

You can order it from here!

The Contemporary Harpsichordist



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our wonderful jury!!

  • Elaine Funaro (USA)
  • Diadorim Saviola (IT)
  • Imbi Tarum (EST)


Here you will find the final jury decision:

1st: Anthony Guaciaro - 'Fantasia No.1'
2nd: Slava Krutikov - 'Five Reflections'
3rd: Debra Kaye - 'Buscando'

Honorable Mention:
Wally DePue

Selection for the book:
The 3 winners + the following list

  • Wally DePue - 'For the rest of the folk'
  • Ursula Erhard-Schwertmann - 'One day'
  • Oscar Escudero - 'Electribute'
  • Mark Francis - 'Sonata'
  • Dimitri Goldobine - 'Castanets'
  • Kevin Holland- 'Fughetta'
  • Anna Korsun - 'Aqua'
  • Veronika Krausas - 'Lombre du luth'
  • Claudio Passilongo - 'Rocking the harpsichord'
  • Christopher Wicks - 'A small cosmos for solo harpsichord'

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We received submissions from the following countries (iao):

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